Video by Kadet Kuhne
Cinematography by Anjali Sundaram

Kadet Kuhne’s video short REBOUND (2012) begins with white space containing a figure dressed in all-white attire in the center. Its face is covered with white cloth, leaving openings for eyes and mouth, white horse-blinders directing the span of its visual field. The androgynous figure begins a journey of becoming with a series of abrupt displacements and repetitive falls as if being sideswiped by an invisible force. Despite forceful drawbacks, the protagonist rebounds, overcoming victimization and disempowerment, similarly to Samuel Beckett’s description in The Unnamable: "You must go on, I can't go on, I'll go on."

This project’s boundless spatiality situates the viewer in an internal dimension, a self-conscious and reflective space. Such space of reflexive consciousness represents the bodily consciousness – its defeat, pain and resilience – with the consciousness of the mind – its lethargy, confusion and will for a progressive change. Kuhne thus resounds Beckett as her character resolves to fully embody a willingness to rebound during the endless process of becoming.

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