I, DOK Center for Research
(collaboration with Lara Allen, Amy Hicks and Cynthia Mitchell)

I, DOK Center for Research was founded in Rio Vista, California in 1978. The center is devoted to education and research concerning I, Daughter of Kong. In addition to educating the public through traveling exhibits and lectures, the center actively seeks photos, documentation and evidence of the life and work of I, Daughter of Kong.

Installation documentation, Skull Island, Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb, Croatia, 2013

Above Image: Oil painting sold by art dealer from Palm Springs, CA who claims the paintings are done by an actual gorilla.

Above Image: These are a selection of the vast number of paintings that the center has received over time signed, I, Daughter Of Kong. While we do believe that these particular paintings were done by the same person, we do not think they are authentic. It seems to be the work of an artist who hopes to gain attention by borrowing an identity more glamorous than his or her own. One of these paintings, the only one that purports to be a self-portrait, was stolen the night before the opening of this exhibit. We suspect a member of URz, who are opposed to any direct representation of I, Daughter Of Kong.

Above Image: (Center) Feral Bridal Helmet, found by a woman who claims to have had an encounter with a part ape woman wearing the helmet while jogging in the Hollywood Hills. The woman claims that the creature, using telepathy, explained the purpose of this strange object before disappearing into the bushes. The day after the encounter, on her usual jogging route, the woman found the headpiece lying under a tree. She believed it to be a gift left there for her.

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