I, DOK Center for Research
(collaboration with Lara Allen, Amy Hicks and Cynthia Mitchell)

I, DOK Center for Research was founded in Rio Vista, California in 1978. The center is devoted to education and research concerning I, Daughter of Kong. In addition to educating the public through traveling exhibits and lectures, the center actively seeks photos, documentation and evidence of the life and work of I, Daughter of Kong.

Installation documentation, Skull Island, Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb, Croatia, 2013

Above Image: Soft posters for Ingagi, a fake documentary about a tribe of ape-worshiping human females that prefigured King Kong. The posters were made by a 1990’s anti time-based media collective called Let The Time Go To Sleep, briefly known for printing pillowcases with advertisements for films that are impossible to see.

Above Image: Religious images from The URz, a cult that believes I, Daughter Of Kong is a sign that prehistoric gods are making an incursion into modernity that will destroy the present order of things.

Above Image: Compact exhibited during a feminist group show titled, IF KING KONG WERE A LADY SHE WOULD TEAR THIS FUCKING TOWN TO PIECES, 1973, NYC. The show was raided by police for obscenity during a performance and all of the work was confiscated. This piece was never claimed and finally, in 1989, was auctioned off and purchased by the center.

Above Image: The Kong Thong, made in 2003 by the company Victorious Secret, who attempted an I, Daughter Of Kong line of lingerie. The company has since gone out of business.

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