I, DOK Center for Research
(collaboration with Lara Allen, Amy Hicks and Cynthia Mitchell)

I, DOK Center for Research was founded in Rio Vista, California in 1978. The center is devoted to education and research concerning I, Daughter of Kong. In addition to educating the public through traveling exhibits and lectures, the center actively seeks photos, documentation and evidence of the life and work of I, Daughter of Kong.

Installation Documentation, Observations and Findings, University Film and Video Association Conference, Bozeman, MT 2014


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I, Daughter of Kong: Primum Movens, CoLab Projects, Austin, TX, 2014

Primum Movens or "unmoved mover" is the term Aristotle used to describe a being perfectly beautiful, indivisible, and contemplating only the perfect contemplation: itself contemplating. IDOKCFR found this to be a common departure point for a number of cults, religious sects and fringe groups associated with Her: I, Daughter of Kong as first or final cause, literally or figuratively the next Messiah, a thought-poem from the collective unconscious, a cosmology mapping gravitational forces and light—a central sphere around which all celestial bodies revolve. http://co-labprojects.org/upcoming

Installation documentation, Skull Island, Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb, Croatia, 2013


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